Safeway and Albertsons awarded St. John School in 2018 an Innovation Grant to create a Makerspace.  We are thankful for their financial backing and support as we begin this new adventure.

What is a Makerspace and why is it important?

makerspace is a collaborative work environment for creating, learning, exploring, and sharing innovative work using high tech to low tech tools. The space provides hands-on approaches that help increase critical thinking skills, persistence, and reinforce core curriculum in the everyday classroom.

Teachers are eagerly signing up to use the space on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Here are some of the ways we have used the Makerspace:

  • Science, technology, engineering, and math lessons have been shared in this space. Many teachers have participated in the first activity- Cardboard Movement Challenge.
  • The 3D printer resides in this space, where Mr. James facilitated lessons on how to create using this amazing device.
  • Señora Blanca painted masks for Día de los Muertos in October.
  •  Makerspace Holiday Pop-ups were after school in November and December for intermediate and middle school grades.
  • Kindergarten students create snow-throwing devices to meet fun challenges.
  • Eighth graders created Stations of the Cross for Lent using mixed media.
  • Seventh graders planned and built visual aids that align with a life lesson they discovered about themselves.
  • Class auction projects have been crafted in this open space!



Link to our supply list (101 items to use)-

Makerspace Supply List