Hand Embroidery Series Links

For the Hand Embroidery and Technology Pop-Up Workshop, please read the following and then click on the Embroidery Stitches Guide link for each individual lesson.

Here is an example of the sampler you will create.  You will use the link to follow each individualized lesson.  Click on the stitch you would like to learn and then watch the short lesson before starting your stitch.

If you would like to create the rainbow effect, as I did for the class sample (see above), you will complete the following stitches in this order:

Red:  Running and Lazy Daisy

Orange: Back and Blanket

Yellow: Split, Fishbone, and Woven Wheel

Green: Bullion Knot and Stem

Blue: Satin, Long & Short, and Chain

Purple: French Knot and Straight

Embroidery Stitches Guide