Primary Book Club

Primary Book Club

Distance Learning Lessons

These PBC extension lessons are recommended, but not required.

Lessons/Activities can be turned in on the Friday of each week by 3pm. Take a photo or video and send it to me via email-

There will be a new reading and activity posted every Monday.


While you are reading your books, collect words that begin with different letters and create an ABC book using special words, themes, items, and names.

Here is a template you may want to use.

For example, in the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8 you can collect words, like:

A is for Age 8

B is for Beezus, Ramona’s sibling

C is for Cedarhurst, Ramona’s new school

D is for Danny, mean boy on the bus

Keep going… E is for….F is for…. G is for…


For example, in the book Freckle Juice you can collect words, like:

A is for Andrew, the main character

B is for Blume, Judy Blume is the author

C is for counting, Andrew loves counting the freckles on Nicky’s neck

Keep going….D is for…..E is for….F is for…

Cricket in Time Square Group/

Now the Ramona Quimby Group!

**Your books are now in the Snoopy Lending Library, ready to be picked up!**

Week of May 4:  Read Chapters 1-2 of Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Activity: Just read this week.  Be prepared to share something you like about the book and one question.

Week of May 11: Read Chapters 3-4

Ramona is such a likable and adventurous character.   Complete this activity to describe Ramona.  See if you can challenge yourself to think of six traits.  Then pick one trait and find evidence (something in the story that shows Ramona’s trait).  You don’t have to print this sheet out on paper, simply write it on a piece of paper.

Week of May 18: Read Chapters 5-6

Activity:  Beezus and Ramona are trying to make a family meal with great difficulty.  Look in a cookbook or call your grandparent for a simple recipe you can make with your parent.  Did you face the same obstacles as Beezus and Ramona?

Week of May 25: Read Chapters 7-8

Predicting is an important skill to help you think about what will happen next in a story.  Ramona realizes that Mrs. Whaley doesn’t think she is a nuisance.  Now that the story is coming to end, it is a good time to predict.  How do you think the story will end?

For the end of book project, I have included a book report choice board.  Choose a project or two that suits you perfectly.

Week of June 1: Read Chapter 9 (End of book project: PBC Book Report Choice Board)


Amber Brown in Not A Crayon Group

“Now Freckle Juice Group”


April 27:  Read Chapter 1 of Freckle Juice

May 4: Read Chapter 2 of Freckle Juice

Activity:  Watch this video.  Write down two things you learned from the video on freckles.  Do you have freckles?  Does anyone in your family have freckles? Be prepared to share with the group this Friday.

Week of May 11: Read Chapter 3

Activity: Character Traits.  Andrew is a fun, lovable character who is very determined to have freckles.  Fill out this character trait form and find evidence (things in the story that support your idea).




Week of May 18: Read Chapter 4

Activity:  Predicting is an important reading skill.  After reading chapter 4, how do you think Andrew will get even with Sharon.  Write your prediction on a piece of paper.  Hint:  You may skip ahead to chapter 5 to see if your prediction is correct.

Usually we make this freckle concoction in class and pretend to get freckles.  Ask a parent if you can pretend as well.

Caution: Don’t actually drink it. 🙂 You don’t want to end up like Andrew with a stomach ache. Ugh!

Week of May 25: Read Chapter 5

Begin working on your book report. Choose one or two from the choice board below.


Week of June 1: Finish your book report. 🙂 Well done!